A small proud moment 

Until now I had to walk 10 minutes to my local recycling bin. In our communal bin room there is no recycling bin and everyone including cafes and restaurants throw everything in there. No recycle, straight to landfill. Some of the residents have been sending emails to the local council for years requesting for a recycling bin, but up to now nothing happened.

For me, it has been hard to organise this frequent 10 min walk at night after dinner especially when the weather is bad or my daughter tired and cranky. So some weeks ago I wrote an email to my local council.

And last night my husband came up stairs said to me “there is a recycling bin”!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The bin is a brand-new sparkling clean recycling bin and I’m so grateful and happy that my local council listened to I plea. It’s a small victory but an important one because now everyone not just me can recycle.


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