Haws Watering Cans

My first encounter to Haws watering cans was at the Garson’s when I went to pick your own with my husband and my daughter. It was a love at first sight because they were so pretty and colourful.

Small watering cans from Haws are not only handy for indoor plants but they are perfect size for children. They love it because the nozzle can be taken off which is interesting for toddlers and also colours are vibrant. So Haws watering cans were the first on my list of must-haves for children’s gardening activities at my raised bed next to Redcross Garden.


Just to hold it with your hand, makes my gardening so much more fun!

The tall one above is called Heritage (cerise and blue). The short one is called Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Cans (yellow and green).

So here are the watering cans in action! Thank you Haws watering cans for making our gardening activities fun!