Bokashi Compost Tea – What It Looks Like and How to Use It

Bokashi tea is the liquid you drain off from the Bokashi bin. It smells like sweet vinegar. It has lots of effective microorganism (EM) in it with nutrients from the breakdown of the food. As it comes out of the Bokashi bin, it is acidic and too concentrated for the plants to use so you need to dilute it.

The amount of Bokashi tea you get from the Bokashi bin depends on what food is in the bucket. So the wetter the food there is the more liquid produced. Sometimes I have too much Bokashi tea to use especially during winter so I put the tea in the container and keep it in the fridge until needed or give it to my friends. I have so far kept it for a good couple of weeks, and they were OK.

You can use Bokashi tea for several uses: removing odour (caused by bad bacteria) in the sink by pouring the undiluted liquid down the sink. In Japan they use Bokashi to make leaf composting. So I have also used the Bokashi tea in the same 1 in 100 dilution and poured it onto my standard community compost bin that had lots of fallen leaves inside. But using Bokashi tea as a fertiliser is by far the best use of this amazing liquid!

To feed the plants, dilute 1:100. It means add 1ml of Bokashi tea to every 100ml of water (more realistically 10ml to 1l or 100ml to 10l of water). But in practise you don’t really need to be precise about it or at least I have been measuring it roughly (it helps to know how much water can be held in your watering can then you can put the rough amount of Bokashi tea).

Plants grow really well when you feed them with Bokashi tea. This is my geranium. The big leaves are produced after I started the feed.

Cyclamens also seem to love it. This was a tiny pot when I bought it and now it has grown lots over the last year. From my observation bokashi tea helps to grow the plants’ green part. So it would be perfect if you want your plants to grow. I guess it has lots more nitrogen than phosphorus. But I find Bokashi tea has been the best fertiliser I have ever used. All my plants absolutely love it!


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