Hi! I’m Kyoko. I was born in Japan but have spent most of my life living in all parts of the UK. I’m currently based in London, in one of the many blocks of flats surrounded by cafes and restaurants.

Like all too many residential developments across the country, the local council doesn’t provide us with seperate rubbish bins for recycling; all our rubbish gets thrown into the same bins. The nearest recycling bins are a few hundred yards from our home on the side of the busy streets, a distance many residents and business owners are reluctant to travel in their busy day*. And to make matters worse, people often use these public recycling bins to throw away their non-recyclable rubbish!

So one day I got so fed up with this situation that I decided to do something about it, and the first step was to start to reduce my household waste. I asked my local gardens and farms if they had composting facilities where I could contribute my food waste.
I then stumbled across an opportunity to volunteer and use a couple of raised beds for my Bokashi composting at the Red Cross Garden. And this is where I had the inspiration for DigUp London!

I started to compost using the Bokashi system (developed by someone Japanese!) and together with my daughter we now compost all of our food waste. I also involve the local community by collecting used coffee grounds from coffee shops I regularly pass by in my daily routine. I also introduce my toddler and her friends to gardening and lots of other activities involving nature.

When I’m not getting my hands dirty, I also love to knit and spent time with my elderly cat… and enjoy drinking matcha latte!

*I  am proud to say that after writing to my local council to complain about the lack of a recycling bin in my building, a shiny new bin for recycling paper, glass, plastic, aerosols and foil has been provided so that we no longer have to travel a long distance to dispose of our recyclable waste. Small victory for me!